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“In Memoriam

Class of 1968”



In loving memory of our classmate Michael Sykes. From Michael Syke’s choir, “Positive Voices”, choral group from Cathedral of Hope, Dallas, Texas. Since he was one of the founding members of the choral group in the 1990s, his voice can be heard on the selections of this playlist. Mike was active in his church and choir for many years before his passing in 2013. Songs for this playlist honoring Michael include: (1) Until It's Over; (2) “Rest”;  (3) The Face of Love; (4) When You Care; (5) I Know Love; (6) “Stand”; and (7) “So Great a Cloud of Witnesses.

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Sent: Wed, Feb 25, 2015 4:11 pm Subject: Permission for use of "Until It's Over"

Dear Loren,

We are happy to give you permission for the use of this music on your website. I know many people who know Michael that would love to do a write up about him. This email notification is to allow Siloam Springs class of 1968, to use the Album “Until It’s Over” produced by Cathedral of Hope’s former ministry group “Positive Voices” and published Cathedral of Hope’s Sources of Hope ©, to use on the memorial page of its website honoring Michael Sykes and other classmates.






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