In Memory

Bill Hall

Bill Hall

William Walker Hall

October 16, 1950 - June 8, 1969

Bill was killed in an auto accident (caused by tire blow-out) near Amarillo, Texas, on June 8, 1969 while on his way to a Christian youth retreat in New Mexico. After graduating from Siloam Springs High School in 1968, Bill attended a Christian college in Joplin, Missouri and then transferred to the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville. His brother, Jim Hall,  has pastored the Christian Church at Fletcher, Oklahoma for 32 years. Bill & Jim's father, Toy Hall, (who passed away in 1980) was a pharmacist in Siloam Springs. Their mother was a teacher in Siloam Springs.



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08/13/11 01:33 PM #1    

Charles (Chas) Foreman

One Fall evening, perhaps in 1967, about five of us got in my '62 Ford Falcon and headed for Dawn Hill.  For the next half and hour or so we carefully timed and accomplished our mission to place a "Spook Light" on the hillside by the cemetary above the City Lake dam.  For a number of hours that light burned in the darkness, a tribute to our escapade.  Later you told me you went and got the flashlight we used.  I always smile when I remember that night.  And I always smile when I remember my friend. 

Life took you too soon but you will always live in my memory as my friend.

10/12/14 01:04 PM #2    

Charles (Chas) Foreman

If anyone ever reads these, first let me explain, to me, our friends live in our memories.  Bill was my friend and we ran around together a lot; to my earlier tale, let me add this...

Sometime again, probably in early 1968, about six of us went out on a weekend to the local Mexican Restaurant.  I remember this because I was in that building just a month or so ago, it is Italian now.   It was you, me, I remember Leroy Bilby, Jim Farley and possibly my friend from Gentry, Rick Parker.  We all dressed in turtlenecks and sports jackets, to be stylish and enjoyed the evening telling stories and making plans.  At one point someone suggested a game from one of Ian Fleming's novels where you put a napkin over the moistened rim of a glass with a coin in the middle and burn holes in the napkin one at a tme with cigarettes trying not to drop the coin.  I believe Mrs. Rush, the owner, looked in in bemused silence.  I miss those days but thinking about them takes me briefly away from my life and problems today and makes me feel young.  Thank you Bill.

05/27/21 12:44 PM #3    

James B Jordan, Ph. D.

I'm finally getting around to writing something - today May 27, 2021. The first words that come to my mind are the Billy Joel lyrics,"Only the Good die young." It shocked everyone when it happened, in 1969. ..."But he was only 18." I really liked Bill - the two years I went to SSHS, he was always friendly and we joked together. i was a shy kid (believe it or not), so it was always a reassurance to know I could always go up to him in the hallways and he was always receptive to small talk or more philosophical musings.

I remember 1968, during my "OINK" campaign, he asked if I was the "Phantom Sadist," putting those signs up. I said "shhh, don't tell anyone." ...and he didn't, just a knowing smile when passing. It's been over 50 years now, so I would just like to say, I appreciated him for who he was, a gentle soul with a lot of intelligence and potential in his life - which made his passing, that much more confusing. Only the Good die young.

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