Missing Classmates

All 131 have been found (addresses & other contact info verified), but 20 of these 131 have not joined -- 12 classmates and 8 guest classmates. In addition, there are 14 classmates who've passed away.

A total of 97 have joined, which translates into 86.4% of all classmates. Please help us persuade the remaining classmates to join. Contact Tim, Mary Ann or Loren for information how to reach the final few. Thank you.

If you attended Siloam Springs schools with the Class of '68 but moved away and finished elsewhere, you are invited to become a "Guest Member". Check this list to see if you attended with our class, then contact Tim Jones through this website and request to be added.

A total of 212 classmates attended with the Class of '68 but didn't finish with us (either moved away or finished elsewhere or at a later date). These 212 may become "GUEST MEMBERS" by just writing to the website moderator asking to be included.

You may find your school picture (Grades 1 - 11) on the Page "Classmates Who Left". Take a look at yourself from years ago:


Please find your name on this LIST and contact Tim Jones: