2015 Videos & Pics


Belva's Picture Slide-Show from 2015 "Mini-Reunion"



29 attended the 2015 "Mini-Reunion" -- our 47th Year Gathering. Perfect weather, great accommodations. We celebrated Ron Snyder's 65th. Please be sure to watch the video!

John Mark Turner and David Vest, June 6, 2015, at Josh & Becca Vest's Wedding

Classmates at 28 Springs Restaurant, April 18th: Loren Adams, Linda Robb Woods, Mary Ann Huskins Guinn, and Ellen Hall Florer

"Gathering of the Bands" - Classes 1968-79

Only 5 from Class of '68 showed up

Outside Siloam Community Building: Mary Ann Huskins Guinn, Linda Robb Woods, Loren Adams, and Terry Krug

Terry & Beverly Krug