In Memory

Howard Christopher Wright

Howard Christopher Wright

Howard Christopher Wright

February 5, 1950 - April 2, 2002

(Written by his sister, Margaret Wright Phillips, in honor of Chris Wright)

Chris was born in Siloam Springs, Arkansas on February 5, 1950.  He lived and worked in Fayetteville, Arkansas.  Chris died on April 2, 2002 from a second heart attack. His body was cremated.

Chris was a carpenter and did wonderful work. Chris was in the United States Army for three years and received an honorable discharge.

He was preceded in death by his parents, Howard Orchard Wright,  Carol Maude (Smith) Wright.  He had an older brother Ken, who died six months after Chris.

Chris has two sisters, Juanita Twardzak (passed Dec. 19,2019) and Margaret Phillips of West Virginia.

I will always love and miss my brother.

People who knew him said he looked like "Clint Eastwood".


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01/17/15 11:21 AM #1    

Linda Robb (Woods)

Clint Eastwood - you're right, Margaret!  I'm sorry to learn that Chris passed away.  I had a good visit w/ him at our 20th (?) reunion (the one at Dawn Hill).  Thank you for getting us the correct facts and for filling in the interesting information about him.


Linda Robb Woods 

02/05/15 06:22 PM #2    

Sandra Bell (Shepard)

Margaret, He really did look like Clint Eastwood!!  He was always cracking jokes and I hated to hear he has already left us.  I was hoping to see him at the 50th.  I wish you and your family well and hope to see you one of these days again, too!  Can you believe it has been nearly 50 years??  Wow!

02/09/15 04:15 PM #3    

Loren Adams

All this time we've spent in Fayetteville since 1983 (and before that from 1977-78), I never knew Chris was living near us.... like strangers passing in the night. How many other encounters do we all experience like this -- where friends we once knew pass us and we miss them -- not knowing we almost re-connected? I had a bizarre experience like this last summer where my son and I were on a boat trip across St Mary Lake at Glacier National Park on the same day, the same morning, the same time, as my friend from Siloam, Phil Nelson, who was on a boat next to us. We were literally "ships passing" without even realizing it. I met Phil later in the summer, we compared pictures and facebook messages from the Glacier trip, and lo & behold, we were there at the exact same time. I guess this is how Chris Wright and I were like in Fayetteville for 20 years.... probably seeing each other at Walmart, UofA games, or the Square, but not recognizing each other after all the years. I believe this website and our annual reunions are helping to change this -- where we can now be in closer touch with each other. God bless Chris.

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