Bobby Kennedy at Siloam


PICTURE ABOVE RIGHT: Robert F. Kennedy signing autograph at the request of Jackie Farmer for another student. Roger Woodruff is to Jack's left. Female student, Betty Bader, from Gentry is to right of Jack.

PICTURE ABOVE RIGHT: Robert F. Kennedy signing autographs for mostly Siloam Springs students. Stephania Ford is at center-bottom of this photo.

[From newspaper clipping]

“STAMPEDED BY A crowd of 400 eager greeters at the Siloam Springs Airport Monday, Sen. Robert F. Kennedy, above, put himself above this group by climbing up on a car to thank the crowd for welcoming him and to sign autographs. Kennedy and Sen. Paul  Fannin were officially welcomed to the city by Siloam Springs Mayor Clarence Spears upon their immediate arrival.”

HERALD AND DEMOCRAT,  Siloam Springs, Arkansas

Beneath picture:  – Daily News Photo

Senator Bobby Kennedy (top center); Roger Woodruff (left bottom, Siloam Springs senior); Jackie Farmer (Siloam Springs senior) and Betty Bader (Gentry)

Kennedy’s appearance in Siloam Springs was on Monday, February 19, 1968.


Below is BOBBY KENNEDY'S SIGNATURE on Loree Warren (Foreman's) notebook paper that she took with her to the Siloam Airport that day (February 19, 1968). Many of us had skipped school and were concerned about getting disciplined after sneaking back. Loree found the signature May 23, 2015. This is an incredible archive!

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