Tshirts for Class

T-Shirts for Class of '68!

(See display below)

Good News! Enough shirts have been sold to break even. So, I wasn't over-estimating after all the worry. Proceeds from now on will go towards other class projects.

The Siloam Class of '68 gets an "A++" -- excellent!

We still have enough left of all sizes for you to request. Just write, email, or text me. We're running close to being out of Mediums, but there are a lot of other sizes. The shirts are pre-washed and run a little smaller than expected, so you might consider an "L" instead of "M".

Sizes M, L, XL, XXL and XXXL. Manufactured of the best material, USA-made, designed by Loren Adams and put together by our shirtmaker, Julie, here in Fayetteville..... thus, the shirts are the closest one can get to being "home-made".

Dark gray short-sleeved shirts only. The shirts have actually a more "maroon" look than what shows in the pictures below -- More in keeping with the Siloam Springs High School official colors. All are of excellent quality, and Julie worked extra hard getting these done on time for the reunion -- after losing her close relative in the flood Memorial Day - a cousin who was under her care.

I still haven't received requests from some leading class members, and you know who you are. You don't want to miss this opportunity!

By mail, send $20 check or M.O. to:


1660 N. College Ave.

Fayetteville, AR 72703

You may also text me at 479-841-6304 or email me at: LAdams727@aol.com

And don't forget to give me your size and mailing address!

For those who've received yours, please reply how you like (or don't like) the shirts. Maybe we can improve by the Big 50th, who knows?

Thank You!